Detailed checklist on How to choose the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer for yourself

If you are considering bankruptcy as an option for dealing with your surmounting debts and looking for an attorney, you might stop and want to read this detailed checklist to follow before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. The dilemma of zeroing on one lawyer seems a daunting task.


  • – Find out all bankruptcy lawyers near your area. Search online, ask your near and dear ones, enquire the other lawyers about them. Call the State bar association to know more about them. Read reviews and note client ratings. Call them up and find out more about the lawyers for e.g. their customer service, rapport with clients, their personal experiences, the lawyers success rate etc. short list at least five lawyers.
  • – The lawyer should be a juris doctorate and have a current attorney license. Select lawyers who are experienced and have a good record of accomplishment of helping his clients to be debt free. Decide on the best two or three lawyers.
  • Call them up and ask for a free consultation. Take all your debt details with you including the monthly payments, and the due date to make the payments. Explain your financial situation to the lawyer.
  • The lawyer should be a bankruptcy expert. He should be informed on latest developments and code changes. Check his ethics record. He should not be involved in any ethical violations.
  • Your lawyer should be readily available to answer your queries and give you time. He should be patient with you. Find out how many clients is he handling at present.
  • The lawyers fees should be discussed in detail. Evaluate if you will be comfortable with paying the fees.
  • The personality, communication skills and customer care is very important in creating a good teamwork.

After considering all the above parameters, hire a bankruptcy lawyer who according to you is the best. A written agreement should be there between you and your lawyer. It should explain all the services that will be rendered. This will be a proof of your collaboration with the lawyer. You as well as the lawyer should maintain all the copies of paperwork. Now, you can go ahead and file your bankruptcy petition with the help of your lawyer.

Hiring bankruptcy lawyer can be an expensive affair. Some lawyers accept fees in installments as well. Most people pay the lawyer’s fee by stop making payments on their unsecured debts and thus, saving money to file bankruptcy petition. If you are low income family, you might qualify for help from Non-profit legal services organization. Almost the same fees is charged by law schools which sponsors legal clinics and provides free legal advice to customers.

Bankruptcy lawyers can help to put an end to debt creditor harassment, explain your options for filing, help you to get all necessary documents and paperwork in order and provide you with a straightforward and stress free solution to your financial problems. You can start again on a clean slate after you are “discharged” from bankruptcy.