How Can A Lawyer Assist You With A Total And Permanent Disability

Total and permanent disability will mean that you are unable to work and this is going to have an impact on your overall quality of life. You may not be able to work as the illness or injury is preventing you from returning to the workplace.

You can hire a lawyer to make this kind of claim for you. There are several criteria that you will have to fulfil in order to qualify for this kind of claim:

You are no longer in any kind of employment.You were under the age of sixty-five when you stopped working.You already have an insurance policy covering you.You have been absent from work for at least six months.

The evidence-based tpd claim covers a wide variety of different illnesses such as cancer, deafness or heart attack. You will have a preliminary meeting with a solicitor who will then assess the overall

How Will A Lawyer Assist You In This Case?

The lawyer is going to help you to gather evidence so that you can submit a claim that is based on facts. Without the evidence, you will not have the basis for a claim. There are two main sources where your lawyer is going to get this factual evidence from your employers and the people who treated you medically. This evidence can come in the form of signed and written statements. Also, medical records can be provided.

The lawyer is going to handle all of the paperwork and they will update you on the progress of your claim. This will be useful because it will take the weight off your shoulders completely.

What If The Initial Claim Is Unsuccessful?

You might be in a situation where your initial claim for an insurance pay-out has been unsuccessful, which can happen for a variety of different reasons. However, you should never be discouraged if this happens to you. The lawyer that you have hired is going to be able to assist you once again.

They are going to make an appeal for you, which will hopefully result in a full insurance payout which you feel that you are entitled to at the very least.

Using a lawyer is much better than trying to appeal on your own, because you may not have the correct understanding of the legal terms which are being used. You do not want to be jeopardising your chance of making a successful claim, so it is best left in the capable hands of a professional.


You will be able to make a claim for these injuries when you have hired a lawyer. They are going to gather all of the evidence on your behalf. They will pursue your case and they will provide you with regular updates. Even if the initial claim is unsuccessful, they can follow up for you. It is important that you make a claim within an allotted time frame because some of these claims are time-sensitive.