How to Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyers

Going through a divorce is one of the most emotional events in anyone’s lives. When there are children involved, the stakes become much higher. That is why your choice in child custody lawyers is one that should not be made lightly. You need someone who will look beyond the basics of the case and be a true advocate for you and your child. To get the outcome that is best for your child, you need someone who is capable, caring, and focused on getting the best outcome for every child at the center of divorce.

Consider Their Credentials

Family law attorney Cindy D. Sackrin explains that “Child custody is an important issue that should only be entrusted to child custody lawyers with a focus on family law and the experience to know how to handle each case according to the issues involved.” An attorney who provides a wide range of legal services is far less likely to have the expertise to give your child custody case the consideration that it deserves or that you need. You would not hire a surgeon to perform your heart surgery because he has had many successful appendectomies. Do not hire an attorney to handle your child custody issues because he/she has been successful at criminal defense!

Look for a Skilled Mediator and Litigator

In Florida, divorcing couples are required to attend a pre-trial mediation where they will attempt to work out a child custody plan of their own. When considering child custody lawyers, go beyond their proven skills at litigation and look at their mediation skills.

No one knows more about their children’s likes and needs more than their parents. Mediation is an opportunity for parents to put their differences aside and give the well-being of their children their first priority. When mediation is successful, everyone comes out of the situation a lot happier. If you have to go to trial to settle the issue of child custody, you will have to accept whatever decision the judge makes. This is why your lawyer should be equally skilled at mediation and litigation to help you get the best results regardless of which direction your case goes.

Look for Attorneys with Parental Experience

It is easy for someone who does not have children to imagine what it might be like to be at risk of lowing custody of their kids. But no one knows the kind of fear this idea instills like someone who themselves are parents.

Having children may not be a qualification that most people look for in child custody lawyers, but it can help ensure that your attorney has the kind of empathy for you and your child that will help them win your case. Regardless of how much experience an attorney has in handling other people’s child custody cases, nothing will give them the same level of understanding that having their own children will make.

The most important thing to remember is that there are plenty of child custody lawyers to choose from in Florida. Always make your choice an educated one and not just a choice at random.